January 29th, 2018

R v Hadi, 2018 Edmonton Queen’s Bench – Refusal To Produce Driver’s Licence Not Criminal Obstruction

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Crown appeal of directed acquittal. Respondent was charged with obstruction for refusing to produce his driver’s licence to police in the course of a parking infraction. Trial judge found that the conduct could have been addressed by Traffic Safety Act provisions and thus could not have supported a Criminal Code conviction for obstruction. Held: Appeal … Read More.

December 7th, 2015

R v Emery, 2015 ABQB 679 per Browne, J

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Appeal from careless driving conviction under TSA. Accused hit a vehicle (while speeding) on a freeway that had run out of gas. Trial judge made credibility findings contrary to the accused’s account. Held: Appeal dismissed. Proof of offence requires that the accused drove in a manner prohibited by legislation, and that the conduct was of … Read More.