Lawyer Biography

Kelly has practiced exclusively as a criminal defence lawyer for over 30 years, representing clients charged with offences ranging from theft to murder. He has conducted criminal cases across Alberta and western Canada, and at every level of trial and appellate court level, including the Supreme Court of Canada. He is a founder and current managing partner of the firm.

Kelly is the current President of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association, Alberta’s largest criminal lawyer organization. He is also a member of the Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers and the International Criminal Bar. He has frequently acted as an instructor for the Legal Education Society of Alberta, University of Alberta Law School and other professional legal bodies and police services on a range of criminal law topics, primarily in the area of courtroom advocacy skills.  Together with his partners and associates, he has served as a criminal law supervisor for Student Legal Services of Edmonton for over 25 years.

Kelly’s is a general criminal trial practice which includes sexual assault, internet crime, impaired (DUI)/dangerous driving and major thefts.  Over the years he has developed a particular interest in cases involving complex expert evidence related to forensic engineering (eg. accident reconstruction for cases involving serious bodily harm/death) and computer technology.

While Kelly welcomes all new clients, he will assist you in selecting a lawyer in the firm with the appropriate experience to defend you against the specific charges you face, at a fee within your budget.