For many clients, their involvement in the criminal justice system will not end at the completion of trial or sentencing. Both the Defence and Prosecution have a broad right to appeal verdicts and sentences. Depending on the nature of the criminal appeal, these rights may extend all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Edmonton-criminal-lawyersCriminal appeal practice is a highly specialized and complex area of the criminal law. Few criminal law firms conduct appeals because of demanding time lines, rigid filing rules and the significant preparation time involved to assess, prepare and file the written submissions required prior to arguing an appeal. A typical murder appeal, for example, will involve the careful review of sometimes thousands of pages of trial transcripts, and hundreds of hours of research and drafting of the written arguments.

The criminal appeals practice in our firm is headed up by Mona T. Duckett, Q.C., a highly respected criminal defence lawyer with over 30 years of appellate court experience. She has prepared and argued appeals at every appellate level, including the Alberta Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. Joining Mona in our appeals section are a collection of experienced appellate counsel: Alexandra Seaman, Lauren Garcia Graham Johnson and Dushan Coulson.

If you are seeking experienced and effective defence lawyers for assistance with a criminal appeal please contact any of the above lawyers at our main Edmonton criminal law office number of 780.424.9058, or Alberta wide toll free at 1.800.661.3176.

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