Kathryn Quinlan

Kathryn began building her criminal defence practice and expertise at Royal and Company through trial and appellate work – including assisting with high-profile and difficult cases before all levels of Court, from the Provincial Court of Alberta to the Supreme Court of Canada. Throughout her extensive time at Royal and Company, Kathryn grew to become adept at managing a broad range of cases including:

In 2018, Kathryn joined DDSG Criminal Law as an Associate Partner, progressing to Senior Partner within her first year. She immediately recognized the value in working with others so dedicated to their clients and the pursuit of just outcomes.

Kathryn continues to expand her practice and is considered a resource to other counsel practicing serious violent crime or at the intersection of psychological and psychiatric evidence and criminal law. She enjoys her time mentoring students with Student Legal Services as an advising lawyer and teaching Advanced Evidence with Alexandra Seaman each Winter term.

Kathryn welcomes new clients no matter their current legal difficulty. With extensive trial experience, she looks forward to helping clients to achieve the best possible outcome in every case and to assisting them as they navigate the criminal justice system. Kathryn can be contacted directly by calling our Edmonton office or by emailing her at [email protected].

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