Criminal Defence Lawyers

Dawson Duckett Shaigec & Garcia (“DDSG”) is one of Canada’s most experienced and respected criminal law firms. We defend against all criminal  charges, and in all trial and appeal courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada. From our office locations in Edmonton and Ft. McMurray our lawyers travel across Alberta and beyond to represent our clients. We have over 100 years of criminal trial and appeal court experience.

For over 30 years we have defended thousands of people charged with criminal offences, including theft, assault, impaired driving (DUI), dangerous driving, sexual assault, internet crimes, murder, fraud, uttering threats, break and enter, drug possession and trafficking. Our services include:

  • 24 hour advice upon arrest by police
  • assessment of the strength and weakness of criminal investigations
  • bail applications to secure release from jail pending trial
  • preliminary inquiries
  • trials
  • sentencing hearings
  • conviction and sentence appeals
  • professional disciplinary hearings
  • plea negotiations with the prosecution

We believe in every citizen’s right to be presumed innocent, to have a fair trial and to be treated fairly by the police and the courts.  If your Charter rights have been violated we will work hard to obtain a remedy for you, be it acquittal, termination of the charges against you or plea resolution involving a less serious charge or more lenient sentence. At DDSG criminal lawyers you will be helped by experienced criminal lawyers in a professional, honest, confidential and affordable manner. Whether attending our Edmonton or Ft. McMurray offices, or via phone or Skype, our lawyers can provide you with an informative, free initial consultation. Do not go to court without one of our experienced criminal trial lawyers by your side.

Latest News

R v Gauvreau, 2017 ABCA 74 per Rowbotham, McDonald, Strekaf, JA – T. Judge: Van Harten, PCJ:

Crown appeal from 9 month jail sentence imposed after accused pled guilty to impaired causing bodily harm. Serious collision on an off ramp (30 km/hr zone) where accused was traveling well in excess of 100 km/hr. All 4 of the accused’s passengers were injured (various broken bones). Accused was not injured, and fled the scene … Read More.

R v Madood, 2017 ABCA 78 per Paperny, Slatter, Schutz, JA – T. Judge: Hillier, J:

Murder trial. Accused stabbed a homeless man as he slept on a park bench. NCR defence advanced on the basis of mental disorder automatism. Trial judge rejected the NCR defence, finding various problems in the foundation of the defence expert’s evidence. Accused was convicted of manslaughter. Held: Appeal dismissed. Defence failed to prove mental disorder … Read More.

R v Lafleche, 2017 ABCA 72 per Crighton, J:

Second degree murder charge. Accused was denied bail in the Court of Queen’s Bench. Application pursuant to s. 680 CC for a review of the denial of bail by a panel of the Court of Appeal. Held: Application granted. The test for leave is low, requiring either “arguable merit” or “some hope or prospect of … Read More.