Impaired driving, or “DUI”‘ as it is commonly known, is a very common charge in Alberta. Impairment can be caused by alcohol or drugs.

Driving offenses threaten your day-to-day life, especially those that risk a loss of your license. Being unable to drive for any amount of time can severely limit your freedom, independence and ability to work. A conviction can result in jail and will always substantially affect what you pay for future insurance. We are committed to protecting your driving privileges at all costs.

The area of impaired driving law includes the following possible charges:

  • Refusing to provide a breath sample;
  • Driving with blood-alcohol level in excess of .08%;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs;
  • Impaired driving causing death or bodily harm;
  • Careless or dangerous driving;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident;
  • Driving with suspended license.

Punishments for a first offense range from fines/suspension of driving licences to a maximum penalty of life imprisonment where a death is involved.

There are few areas of criminal law more complex – an experienced lawyer will help you avoid conviction, or to help mitigate the penalty. We have several criminal lawyers at DDSG who have developed significant specialized experience in this area, including being trained operators of breath test machines. Contact us today for legal representation today and ensure your rights are protected.

Lawyers with a practice interest in DUI and Impaired Driving