Guilty plea to dangerous driving. Accused originally charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm. Accused drove at speeds as high as 140 km/hr, and then later through a school zone at 115 km/hr at noon, ran two stop signs and ultimately was involved in a collision causing minor injuries to two people. 42 year old accused with a prior record which included convictions for impaired and disqualified driving.

Held: 6 months jail plus 18 month driving prohibition.

Although the injuries caused were relatively minor, the driving pattern was lengthy and very serious. CSO inappropriate, both because of the seriousness of the offence, and because the accused had some history of breaching court orders.

“I do not think that a fine would be sufficient denunciation for a driver who created such risk to members of the public, including school children in their school zone.”

R. Shellnut – Defence Counsel