Accused found guilty following trial of various firearms offences (ss. 86, 88, 91 and 92 CC). Offences occurred near Whyte Avenue at 2 am (the time that bars were closing). Accused was seen to be handed a handgun, and he then placed the same in the waistband of his jeans. When confronted by police, he drew the handgun and held it in the air. He then ran. Gun was recovered, and was found to be loaded. 20 year old accused (at the time) with no record.

Held: 18 months jail (for the firearm offences).

Additional jail for failure to appear and breach. “Parliament has many times … expressed an increasingly strong disapproval of handguns”: Raglon, 2001 ABCA 261. Denunciation and deterrence paramount in firearms cases

G. Combe – Defence Counsel