The Accused was part of a sophisticated international plan developed by a criminal organization to import large quantities of drugs. Wholesale value of the methamphetamine was around $560,000. The Accused was responsible for the actual importation of 14.5 kg of meth from the USA to Canada. She was convicted after trial of s 5(2) and s 6(1) CDSA offences, and CC criminal organization offences. Accused was 45 years old at the time of sentencing and had no prior criminal record. Crown sought 8-10 years. Defence sought 4 years.

Held: 4.5 year sentence reduced by 12 months to 3.5 years.

Trial Judge considered numerous aggravating and mitigating factors, including Gladue factors: “I am satisfied that her involvement in these offences and her attitude in becoming involved was shaped, at least in part, by her upbringing and the lack of parenting skills of her mother, which in turn was brought about by her maternal grandmother’s residential schools experience.” Fit sentence was 4.5 years, reduced by 12 months due to the length of proceedings and compliance with strict bail conditions.

K. Molle – Defence Counsel