April 13th, 2018

R v Rasberry, 2018 Alberta Court Of Appeal (Calgary) – 7 Year Sentence Fit For Manslaughter Of Friend

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  Appeal from a 7-year sentence after appellant was convicted of manslaughter. Accused and victim were middle-aged professionals. After a night of drinking, the victim pushed the appellant against a counter and threatened to beat and rape him and his wife. Appellant then stabbed the victim 23 times. Appellant called 911 and tried to help … Read More.

December 15th, 2016

R v Aujla, 2016 ABPC 272 per Van Harten, PCJ:

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Accused convicted after trial of possession of fentanyl (454 pills with a street value of $9000), 1876 grams of cocaine ($187,000 value) and 769 grams of heroin ($192,000 value) for the purpose of trafficking. Accused was also in possession of two handguns and body armour. Youthful offender with no criminal record. Held: 7 years jail. … Read More.