March 17th, 2018

Arson Case Withdrawn Due To Improper Use of Tracking Device – R. v K., 2018 Edmonton Provincial Court

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Accused charged with arson. Police had installed GPS tracking device on the accused’s vehicle in relation to a separate investigation. The tracking device placed the accused’s vehicle at the scene of the arson at the time of the offence. The tracking warrant authorized tracking of the accused’s vehicle specifically in relation to the separate investigation. … Read More.

February 24th, 2017

R v Yellowknee, 2017 ABCA 60 per Rowbotham, Wakeling, Schutz, JA – T. Judge: Paul, PCJ:

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Aboriginal accused pled guilty to intentionally or recklessly causing damage by fire to a dwelling home, contrary to s. 434 CC. Home was unoccupied. Trial judge imposed a 1 year jail sentence followed by 12 months probation. Issue as to whether proper weight given to various Gladue factors. Held: Appeal dismissed. No error of principle. … Read More.