June 8th, 2018

No Entrapment Where Reasonable Suspicion Based On Bona Fide Inquiry – R v Wolfe, 2018 Edmonton Provincial Court

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Application for a stay on the basis of entrapment after accused pleaded guilty to trafficking oxycodone. Offence took place at Tim Hortons in downtown Edmonton, a noted location in EPS’s undercover ‘Operation Disorder’, which targeted drug trafficking. Undercover officer asked a group of people, which included accused, if they knew where he could find any … Read More.

June 1st, 2018

Entrapment Test Dilution Denied Crown – R v Pucci, 2018 Alberta Court Of Appeal

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Crown appeal and application for reconsideration of Gladue, 2012 ABCA 143. Crown wished to challenge ratio that before police provide an opportunity to commit an offence, there must be pre-existing reasonable suspicion that the person is involved in the criminal activity to some degree. Crown argued that the standard could be met during the course … Read More.

July 3rd, 2014

R. v. N.R.R, 2014 Court of Queen’s Bench, Edmonton

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Client charged with counseling murder in which he was the target of a “Mr. Big” undercover operation. During the course of the operation he asked an undercover officer, who at the time was acting as a crime boss, for advice on how to kill someone. The officer told him he would need an alibi and … Read More.

October 27th, 2017

R v McDonald, 2017 Edmonton Provincial Court – Drug Trafficking

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Accused pleaded guilty to trafficking in methamphetamine. Drugs were sold to an undercover officer working as part of “Operation Derailment”. Accused sought a s 24(1) stay on the basis of entrapment. Held: Stay granted. “I find the main purpose of Operation Derailment was to respond to the prevalence of violent crimes … it was the … Read More.

September 13th, 2017

R v Anderson, 2017 ABPC 210 per Semenuk, PCJ:

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Trial on charges of cocaine trafficking. Alleged s 7 Charter breach on the basis of entrapment. Undercover police operation. Accused was not a known target. Accused was introduced to the undercover officer by a woman that police recognized from previous drugs buys. Accused initiated the conversation with police by asking “What do you need?” When … Read More.