June 8th, 2018

No Entrapment Where Reasonable Suspicion Based On Bona Fide Inquiry – R v Wolfe, 2018 Edmonton Provincial Court

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Application for a stay on the basis of entrapment after accused pleaded guilty to trafficking oxycodone. Offence took place at Tim Hortons in downtown Edmonton, a noted location in EPS’s undercover ‘Operation Disorder’, which targeted drug trafficking. Undercover officer asked a group of people, which included accused, if they knew where he could find any … Read More.

January 15th, 2018

R v Urban, 2017 Alberta Court of Appeal – Unlawful Drug Search Based On Suspicion

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Appeal from conviction for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Sniffer dog search after a vehicle stop. Officer’s grounds for suspicion were: (1) appellant’s “illogical” brief exit from the highway, (2) cooler and food in the vehicle, (3) result of police information checks showing appellant was “associated” with marijuana grow-op files; (4) diaper … Read More.

December 29th, 2017

R v Danielson, 2017 Court Of Appeal (Calgary) – Drug Search Upheld

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Appeal from conviction on drug charges. Vehicle stop. Appellant was driving a rental car, appeared very nervous, and gave suspicious answers about his destination and how long he had been driving. This prompted a police computer check which revealed appellant’s prior involvement in drug-related matters.  Officer then conducted dog sniff search on basis of suspicion … Read More.

September 13th, 2017

R v Anderson, 2017 ABPC 210 per Semenuk, PCJ:

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Trial on charges of cocaine trafficking. Alleged s 7 Charter breach on the basis of entrapment. Undercover police operation. Accused was not a known target. Accused was introduced to the undercover officer by a woman that police recognized from previous drugs buys. Accused initiated the conversation with police by asking “What do you need?” When … Read More.